24 hours trading hotline: +852 2235 2767

If you cannot find the answers to your questions below, please call our Customer Services Hotline at +852 2335 2777 or email us at info@hcfl.com.hk.


Normally we take a week to activate an account. However, HCF will expedite the process as much as possible.

Once the new account is ready, the initial trading password will be sent to the client by email only. It usually comes with a welcome letter (account number, initial password, bank info of HCF, phone number of dealing room and Customer Services) and the latest information of HCF.

To have an update of account balance,

  1. The client can login the online trading platform which carries the most updated account information, including the account balance, open position, floating profit and loss, etc.
  2. The client will receive a daily statement before noon time if he/ she has an open position from the last day.
  3. The client can call his/her account executive or our Customer Services hotline. To verify the client’s identity, he/she has to provide his/her account number, full name, ID number, and answer one to two security questions.

A client can find the fund withdrawal form on HCF official website or the client can call our Customer Services hotline and we can send him/her the form by email.

The client needs to fill up the personal information, account number, the amount of withdrawal, and sign it. The completed form should be mailed, faxed or emailed back to HCF and attention to Customer Services Department.

If we receive the request of withdrawal before 10:30 am, the client is able to collect his/her relative fund on the same day before 4:00pm.

Our settlement officer will deduct the requested amount of withdrawal from the client account once he received the approval by Responsible Officer.

A client will receive his/her daily statement before noon time during the weekdays if he/she has an open position or transaction from the last day.

A client will receive his/her monthly statement within the first working week of the coming month if he/she has deposited, withdrawn or conducted any transactions in the last month.

A client can also login the online trading platform which shows the transaction(s) on that day.

If a client wants a transaction record of the past couple months, please call our Customer Services hotline. Charges may apply.

A client can download and fill in the Form of Personal Info Update from HCF official website or call our Customer Services hotline. Our staff will send the form by email.

Once our Customer Services receives the request, it takes 2 working days to process.

If a client lost or forgot the trading password, he/she can download and fill in the form of Re-set Password from HCF official website and send it back to our Customer Services. Otherwise, the client can call his/her account executive or Customer Services hotline to re-set the trading password which might take 1 hour to process.

The client would not be entitled to receive any interest on any sum held by HCF for and on behalf of the client.

Please make sure there is no problem of connecting to the Internet. If connection to the online trading platform fails, please call our Customer Services hotline.

Online trading platform doesn’t provide the print pages function. However, a client can use Print Screen or copy and paste function from QQ to print pages from the trading platform.

If there is no other software running when activating and operating the online trading platform, it can maximize the software performance.

Please ensure that the version of the Windows is supported by our trading platform. If a client still finds difficulties in opening the trading platform, please call our Customer Services Hotline.

A client can check the initial margin requirement of specific product from the official website of the Exchange or visit the “Margin Table” page on HCF official website.

A client can place the order with the condition through phone dealing. Normally, the order will be valid until the market closes on the same day.

Through online trading platform, there are a couple options that a client can choose from and it depends on the Exchange as well.